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Payment Acceptance Solutions

Securely accept a diverse range of payments utilizing Software & Hardware advancements to improve Payment Acceptance Capabilities and improve your CashFlow / Savings!

CashFlow is the “COG” that keeps Business Profits flowing!

Meet Your CASHFLOW REPAIRMAN - As a CashFlow Analyst / Efficiency Consultant for your Business’s Payment Acceptance Procedures & Costs, I Repair the Damage & Costs above initial promises caused by the "TYPICAL" & Profit-Grabbing Merchant Services Reps! I provide a No-Obligation Consultation on new & trusted Software / Hardware Solution options from virtual or countertop / mobile terminals to full Point-Of-Sale Systems to Improve Capabilities and to create more Cost-Effective Merchant Services / Payment Solutions for Immediate CashFlow / Profits enhancement!

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Payment Acceptance

Versatile Payment Methods

Whether you are looking to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, ACH, EBT, gift cards, or even NFC (Apple Pay), we have got you covered. From E-Commerce Virtual Terminals, Countertop terminals, Remote/Mobile terminals, Kiosks, integrated Server Stations, to interactive Customer facing Point of Sale systems.

Diverse Payment Options

Our comprehensive solutions cater to all payment channels, allowing your customers to make purchases within CRM’s, with “PayNow” buttons, with electronic links on your Invoices, in-store, over the phone, or online using innovative technology. This ensures you have all the options to accept payments and that you qualify for optimal rates.

Interchange Optimization

We proactively manage authorizations & Interchange rates and have designed our technology to automatically incorporate Level 2 and Level 3 data into transactions, guaranteeing that you qualify for the lowest possible rate on every occasion which ensures that you always benefit from the most competitive rates.

With our Gateway technology, Level II and Level III data are seamlessly incorporated into each transaction, (Not an Added Feature at an extra cost, like many other Processors) ensuring that our merchants consistently qualify for the most favorable rates available.

Align with Payment Security

Business Cashflow Solutions safeguards the merchants' and the customer’s transactions through cutting-edge PCI-Certified Security solutions for maintaining PCI Compliance, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) which is the exclusive solution for comprehensive data breach protection and PCI scope reduction, Intelligent Tokenization our method that generates mathematically irreversible tokens, enhancing security across payment channels and reducing PCI scope, and the PCI-Certified Vault which establishes secure profile records for each customer, storing them in an ultra-secure, offsite PCI-compliant environment.

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Witness Your Business Thrive

Our Dashboards are user friendly and empowered with advanced tools and consolidated reporting in one location. Take control of invoicing, re-occurring, or scheduled payments while creating customer profiles that are ready for future transactions. Access settlements, deposits, and statements seamlessly through our online reporting center, offering comprehensive insights into your company's payment activity. Take advantage of Employee Management / Timeclock / Payroll / Accounting / Quickbooks / Zero Integrations for seamless capabilities and reporting. Make projections utilizing fully searchable and customizable reports provide strategic insights into customer and transaction data.  

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Dedicated Expert Support

Understanding the vital role payment acceptance and Point of Sale plays in your business, our expert customer service team is available day and night to address your needs including Tech Support who can “Remote In” to see and solve issues in real time.

Adaptable Solutions & Device Integrations

Business Cashflow Solutions is a payments technology firm, prioritizing effortless integration and payment Gateways to improve your Payment Acceptance Capabilities. Business Cashflow Solutions' technical team excels in assisting you with implementing efficient solutions in even the most complex environments, ensuring timely and cost-effective achievement of objectives. Many merchants customize their payment acceptance procedures with a variety of devices, Point of Sale systems, or comprehensive integrations, benefiting from top-notch payment security with ease of use.

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